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Report Store-wide Issues, instantly

A simpler and faster way for store teams to detail and report issues

To provide consistent in-store customer experiences, it is important to ensure store-wide issues are identified and resolved promptly. Enable teams with an easy way to report store-wide issues with photos, videos and comments to ensure prompt actioning by relevant teams.

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Ensure the right teams are notified of reported Issues

Define categories for issues and the relevant teams in-charge

Ensure faster Turnaround on store-wide issues by categorizing issues and defining the respective teams in-charge. With streamlined issue-reporting, relevant teams will now be notified immediately of store-wide issues, to in-turn action promptly.

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Communicate & Collaborate to resolve Issues

Real-time status updates with data logs and chat history on each reported issue.

Managing many stores can sometimes be chaotic and requires multiple teams to collaborate. Teams can now share job status, chat with each other, share files and re-assign responsibilities to ensure prompt resolution of store-wide issues.

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Gain Actionable Insight through Real-time Dashboards

An easier way to monitor company-wide issues and their statuses.

Make facility management and issue resolution more efficient by having an open dashboard where teams are able to view tasks assigned to them, deadlines, and monitor the TAT across all issues.

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