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Store management software is an important tool when it comes to modern retail operations. Store management software centralizes and simplifies critical store operations management freeing up valuable time and resources to be allocated to other profitable activities. Whether you are a small bakery or boutique store owner or a business owner with multiple stores, store management software like Taqtics can help you streamline everyday operations to offer your customers a consistent experience.  

There are so many tedious tasks when it comes to store management like daily tasks, processes, training, auditing, attendance tracking, visual merchandising, and more that are simplified with the help of store management software. Continue reading this blog to get a deeper understanding of what a store management system is, its benefits, what is a store management software, how it works, how to use one, and everything you need to know about selecting the best store management software for your retail or restaurant business.  

What is a store management system?

The software solution designed exclusively to simplify the store operations and other daily activities of your retail or restaurant business is called a store management system. The goal of the store management system software is to help retail and restaurant stores simplify the management of in-store operations through hassle-free system solutions. This helps the the retail and restaurant businesses to improve productivity and overall customer experience by offering the consumers consistent upheld experience across all the outlets.  

In the pool market of store management system software solutions, you may find a lot of different software that offers different tools necessary for your retail or restaurant business. However, this means you need to integrate your stores with multiple system software. This is exactly a unique software solution like Taqtics is built. Tactics is an all-in-one store management system software that is designed exclusively to meet retail and restaurant store operational needs. It includes digital SOP checklists, auditing tools, training tools, assessment tools, visual merchandising execution tools, attendance trackers, automated reports date insights, etc. 

Benefits of Taqtics Store Management Software

Taqtics is an All-In-One Store Management Software that offers several smart tools to simplify the day-to-day store operations in the retail and restaurant industries. Here are some key advantages of using Taqtics:

  1. Task and Process Management Using Digital SOP ChecklistsTaqtics offers digital SOP/ Food Safety checklists to help businesses ensure that their store teams know what to do, how to do it, and when to do the assigned tasks. The app offers the live-photo feature to track if the tasks have been completed by your store teams. The app also notifies of deadlines, missed tasks, or issues faced during task completion instantly. This improves communication, and coordination without having to physically go down to every store frequently. This results in increased accountability, productivity, and operational efficiency among team members. 
    1. Training and Assessments

    Taqtics offers e-learning to digitize the training process across your stores. Unlike a bunch of training materials that are inconvenient to carry around, your store teams can access the training content anywhere, anytime with a few taps. Taqtics makes it easier to conduct assessments and quizzes with automated report generation to ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks correctly. The knowledge center facilitates continuous learning and development leading to improved performance and customer service.

    1. Issue Ticketing and Improve Turn Around Times

    The traditional way of tackling issues takes a lot of calls, messages, or emails before the issue is resolved. Taqtics offers an issue ticketing system that helps businesses promptly resolve store-wide issues. Store team members can address the issue on the platform then and there. Taqtics automatically notify the relevant team of the issue. The management can track the status of all store-wide issues from their desks and prioritize issue resolution to reduce any delay. By resolving issues on time, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and maintain a positive brand reputation. 

    1. Attendance and Automated Reports

    Taqtics offers an attendance management feature that helps to monitor the daily attendance of your store team members. The geo-fencing feature on Taqtics ensures that your store team members are present while checking in and completing their daily checklists. Your store temas no longer have to go through the tedious manual process of taking attendance with these smarter tools from Taqtics. You can use the filter on Taqtics to see monthly, weekly, or daily working hours reports for easy payroll.

    1. VM Execution 

    Taqtics offers a visual merchandising tool that helps the management to ensure a consistent look and feel across all the stores from their office desk. The live-photo feature makes it easy to get real-time visibility into the VM execution at each store. Taqtics gathers data from all the stores after they complete their VM checklist and creates automated presentation reports for review. This enables retailers to optimize product displays and maintain brand standards across all the stores. Managers no longer need to run from store to store or communicate VM through endless emails and WhatsApp messages with this centralized smart solution on Taqtics. 

    1. Streamlined Operations

    Taqtics provides an all-in-one operations management platform that enables businesses to drive consistent store operations remotely. It helps businesses streamline their processes, manage tasks, monitor performance, and more. Taqtics offers data insights with the gathered information to help businesses make informed decisions, recognize patterns, or address pain points. Retail and restaurants can save cost and time on all the manual store operations tasks with the help of intelligent tools on this platform. With Taqtics, businesses can ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently across all outlets in a hassle-free manner.

    Taqtics also offers digital dashboards to monitor your store activities remotely! You heard that right, no more endless visits from store to store. Get real-time insights into all the tasks and processes at your stores from any of your smart devices. 

How to use Store Management Software? 

The effective use of a store management software system can bring you several benefits and it contributes greatly to enhancing your customer experience consistently. Therefore, investing time to thoroughly learn and train your store teams is very crucial. Once you chose the right software for your business, here are some key steps to help you get started on how to use store management software: 

How to use Store Management Software? 

  1. Set-Up 

Add all your retail or restaurant outlets and its complete information is configured to the platform. Then create all the users of management team members and store team members so that they can access the platform and its tools. Then create various tasks and checklists as per the requirements of your store. 

  1. Train Your Teams 

Educate and train your store team members on the usage of the platforms and their various hub tools. Make sure that there is ongoing support for the teams to learn the new system and its implementation. This will help them to use the store management software system effectively. 

  1. Management of Store Team Members

Use the platform to plan, assign, and schedule daily tasks, processes, and other activities to the store team members. You can also track the daily, weekly, and monthly working hours of the team members and download automated attendance sheets for payroll. 

  1. Monitoring and Data Reports, Insights & Analytics 

Using a platform like Taqtics, you can monitor everyday activities across multiple stores remotely. Utilize the tools in the platform to get data insights and automated reports to understand store performance. This will help you to make informed decisions for every store individually. 

  1. Audits 

Conduct regular audits to understand if there are any further queries while using the platform, to assess the performance of the stores, and to consistently track the improvement of the store performance. 

Taqtics software management software assists your managers in the onboarding process to get on track with the new tools. Once everything is set and in motion, use the dashboard to monitor and generate automated reports. Use the data insights to focus on making improved decisions and to track down and tackle any problem area. Regularly maintain the software by backing up data, installing updates, and addressing any issues. By following these steps, you can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and effectively manage your retail or restaurant business.

Which store management software is best?

Multiple options in the market can aid you with store management. These choices are however narrowed to a few functions of the store management system. Some are built for desk-based jobs and can be used for store management systems. They may not be as friendly as the options built exclusively for retail and restaurant store management purposes. Other options include software for checklist management. There are separate Learning management systems (LMS) built for training your store and other separate software for visual merchandising execution and attendance tracking. You can use multiple software to conduct different functions of your retail stores and restaurant outlets. But you don’t conform to the tedious task of using multiple software across all your store outlets with options like Taqtics, which is exclusively designed with all the collective smart tools you need for store management. 

One of the main advantages of Taqtics is that your management can have real-time visibility into all of your store outlets to keep SOP compliance and visual merchandising in check with the live photo feature on Taqtics. The turnaround times of issue resolution are significantly reduced as there is no requirement for a middle manager. Store team members can enter the issue directly on the platform and a notification will be sent instantly to the relevant team along with a dashboard to see the status of every issue for the management team. All these tools significantly reduce the cost and time for store operations management making every one of your stores on par with the set brand standards. 

With the learning management system, training your employees has never been easier. Ensure knowledge retention amongst your store teams with quizzes and assessments avoiding the heavy costs of classroom training. Your store teams no longer have to carry around heavy learning materials. With Taqtics, they can access learning content anytime and anywhere from their smartphone and learn according to their convenience. There are many other tools as well to make store management easier. 

Taqtics is a software platform that offers a smart set of tools exclusively designed for retail store management. The platform offers a wide range of features to effectively handle various aspects of store operations. Taqtics accommodates the growth and changing needs of the business which is why they are customizable to meet the unique and specific needs of your business and help integrate with other systems to handle multiple locations or expand operations. 

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