Importance Of Digital Workplace In The Retail World

A retail digital workplace empowers your management and store teams with digital tools to work efficiently and consistently to deliver the best customer experience. The pandemic of coronavirus saw a high rise in digital innovation in a very short time. Embracing digitization became no longer an option but a necessity. This blog will give a quick gist of why restaurants and retail stores need to evolve with digitization and the benefits they add to your business.

What is a Digital Workplace?

Simply put, it’s a digital space built to offer an improved experience for your employees with the required tools to help them complete their tasks to the best of their ability. A digital workplace helps employees to-

  • Connect easily by removing the communication barriers between coworkers and teams in other locations and organizational levels.
  • Increase productivity by automating daily tasks to minimize the time spent on administrative duties
  • Learn easily and quickly by creating a single hub for all learning materials and retail policies that allow staff members to access training within their workday.

Absence Of Digital Workplace

Let us take a look at the challenges faced by traditional retail and restaurant operations.

1. Incompetent Training & Knowledge Retention

The traditional classrooms with pen-and-paper tests and paper-stacked learning materials have proven to be ineffective for retail store teams. This method of training does not have frequent training sessions or updated knowledge for the frontline team to be well-versed and confident to meet the customers. There are no frequent quizzes or assessments to keep up and track everyone’s learning status.

2. Disconnected Store Teams

The frontline teams do not have access to important company updates, product launches, or news. They feel disconnected from the company and they also miss out on important updates useful for performing better.

3. Higher Operational Costs

Frequent store visits by regional teams or area managers are required to guarantee that every store runs smoothly and to manage visual merchandising updates and other retail issues promptly. As a result, the retailer must spend a lot of money on operating expenses.

4. Unproductive Tasks

Store tasks are normally done with pen and paper or with a variety of unrelated software programs, such as Excel, Whatsapp, and emails. Instead of spending time with consumers, store employees lose time and productivity looking for information and manually doing routine and one-off tasks.

5. Loss Of Revenue

As every store has a different way and expertise of doing tasks, customers don’t receive a consistently satisfying experience across all stores. This damages the brand image and directly affects the in-store conversions impacting revenue negatively.

Benefits Of A Digital Workplace

Digitization of your retail stores is going to take down all of the above-mentioned challenges and it offers you a plethora of advantages. Let us take a look at some of the important ones.

1. Reduced Expenses

The cost-saving benefits of a digital workplace include automated and productive stores, fewer regional team visits to resolve difficulties, and internal knowledge sharing. Digital retail workplace platforms like Taqtics enable digital checklists with live photo features enabling management to monitor in-store operations remotely.

2. Independent Store Teams

With a retail digital platform, individual store teams can update the store issues or requirements through the platform without having to completely depend on a store or an area manager. The platform will automatically bring it to the notice of the management and the concerned team. Furthermore, this also reduces the turnaround times of attending to an issue faced by the store.

3. Improved Training for Frontline Teams

Store teams can be easily trained through modules and video classes that they can access easily on their gadget. On Taqtics, we also offer a content library along with digital training so that the store teams can revise anytime, anywhere.

4. Enhanced Knowledge Retention

Trainers get insights into the knowledge retention of each store team member by conducting quizzes and assessments on the platform. Trainers can also update new modules and notify store teams to learn them and take the latest quizzes.

5. Increased Productivity

Digitized and automated checklists save a lot of time for store teams on a daily basis.  It also reminds them to complete their checklists if forgotten. This gives the frontline team a good time to focus on more important and productive tasks.

To Sum It Up

With Taqtics, there are more features like digital attendance, timesheet, visual merchandising, and much more. The hacks and perks of the retail digital workplace are unending. Schedule a demo with us now to learn all about a productive and hassle-free retail digital workplace!